Bonnie Freirech

Sculpture Gallery


While capturing one brief moment in time, my sculptures also capture the relationship between the subjects and the space around them.

My work is about the connections between people. In order to engage the viewer I choose universal subject matter: those fleeting times in life we all recognize, but cannot hold on to.

For me, it is the journey that matters most. I begin with a vision, an idea of what I would like to express about the subject, an attempt at finding the subject’s essence. First, I work on the architecture of the piece. How will my figures relate to each other if there is more than one, and how will they relate to the space around them?  Once my sketches and plans are set, I create an armature and begin adding the clay. From this point on, I am lost in the act of creating.  My greatest joy is when the piece itself seems to tell me what is needed. Then the Pas de Deux begins.